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Tips from a successful consultancy business

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Consultants can be very useful to a business and a highly valuable asset to a project. Consultants can also be seen as a waste of money, a threat and a burden on some parts of the business. Question is how do you overcome this perception and become a successful business?

One of the building blocks was moral alignment. We were clear that we were not going to be influenced by other organisations except for our customer from the outset. This can be difficult if your moral compass is unbalanced, but can be easy, if you are clear about the reason you did this in the first place.

Our business has always learnt from our experience, we always take on board new experiences and implement changes that are beneficial for our customers. Nothing is perfect but knowledge is power and in this market knowledge is everything.

Without any question it is clear that truth, integrity and honesty are the only rules you need. Experience and enterprise come with time, but if your core values are good, honest and wholesome and you choose to work with the right organisations then this is the winning formula.

Be careful to make the right choices at the right time, this includes working for the organisation that you want to for the right reasons. Financial reasons to undertake a project are not usually the right ones. Belief in your customer, their strategy, their culture the ability to make a difference are the right reasons to select a partner to work with. LS

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