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Who We Are

Our Journey

Since TCS started we have worked on many projects, Lynette Shepherd founded TCS Consultants and her husband Scott joined the business three years later. Both Lynette and Scott work in the business today and they run multiple projects for various global clients. 

We started the business focussed on cost management and reduction programs. Over time it was clear that we could be much more than this and details can be found in the services section of this website. 

Scott has a detailed profile on linked in and this can be accessed by clicking the learn more button at the bottom of this page. 

We started with a moral guideline that remains the cornerstone of our business. We are impartial and give an honest appraisal of our findings, we communicate clearly and often, these principles remain consistent throughout the projects we deliver. 

We were founded on honesty and integrity which is embedded in our culture.

Underlined with a clear and consistent vision that we only gain income from our customers and never work on a rebate or outside influences we can be clear that our recommendations are without question independent. 

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