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TCS Consultants has worked with some of the leading organisations in the world, helping them to solve problems and develop their business. We work together with our clients, facilitating honest and transparent collaborations to gain a complete understanding of their vision and needs. Find out who we’ve partnered with below.

Testimonials: Clients
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Stefan Bodelind, Global Logistics Procurement Manager

Akzo Nobel

Being involved and taking the lead for a global parcel project, Scott proved to be not only skilled in the areas required but also showing a leading ability to ensure the project moved foreward according to the plans. Even though sometimes internal obstacles occured, Scott together with his team managed to shoe and prove what the right way forward should be.

Scott showed objectivness and professionalism in the work and gained thereby the trust and confidence in the organisation

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Andy Smith, Group Logistics and Technical Services Director


Over the past 20 years I have worked with Scott on various enabling transport projects. These projects have ensured that we have continued to grow, been pro-active and responsive to our customers needs and remained competitive in an ever changing commercial landscape. The reason that the relationship with Scott has endured over many years is because of his professional approach, experience, knowledge and expertise, willingness to understand every facet of the business and ease of collaboration. Scott is effectively a member of our team and as such garners the trust from people inside and outside the organisation. He is a pleasure to work with and the results for our business speak for themselves.

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David Amerigo, Group Operations Director

Moores Furniture

Our business has been on long journey and with a number of recent changes we, as a management team, invested time and effort in looking at a number of areas within our business. We engaged with TCS and Scott Shepherd came into the business for two primary reasons.

We asked Scott and his team to investigate and analyse two separate but important areas of our business and consider the current operating processes and look at delivering a set of recommendations for the business to consider. The primary objective was to make these areas market leading. We were highly motivated once we had received the output of the recommendations that we further engaged Scott to help deliver this strategy. I believe that without Scott's support in this activity we would have taken longer to realise the benefits and would have had less impact on our business. We have continued to work with Scott and he is embarking on his next journey with us supporting elements to the project that supported the new team he help us bring into the organisation.

I regard myself as a fair and reasonable employer and believe where credit is due it should be given and Scott deserves my recommendation as he has earn't it from the project he has delivered with his professional approach and his general positive outlook to our business. It has been a great journey and I am more than happy to recommend Scott and his team as our interaction has been very positive."  

[Posted on Linkedin]


Ivan Schober, Vice-President, Group Procurement

Coveris Group

We contracted Scott & TCS Consultants for their great experiences in assisting clients with transportation strategy, implementation of Transport Management Systems (TMS) and efficient approach to optimizing road freight and parcels in UK but also helping organizations to improving logistic processes.

It resulted in delivering significant saving opportunities for Coveris which became foundation for future cost out projects. It was a great pleasure to work with Scott and his team and I would like to thank for this opportunity. 

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David Whitton, Procurement Director EMEA

MPS - Westrock

TCS Consultants have been engaged within our business for a number of years.

Their engagement is based on a supplier relationship management model incorporating the following:

         Complaints non conformances raised, investigated and resolved

         Invoice checking all suppliers included in process

         Credit raising

         Benchmarking

         Service recovery

         Service validation

         Monthly reporting

         Advising locations on best routes to ship products

         Creating crib-sheets to identify which suppliers to be used for specific services

         Meet locations as required

         Meet suppliers on a frequent basis to discuss service levels and other factors (with procurement)

In addition TCS support tenders/discreet cost reduction projects. TCS have delivered year on year benefits since we engaged with them and the fact that we’ve utilised their services for the last 8 years or so demonstrates that they have delivered an acceptable level of service to us during that period.  Where I believe TCS have been most successful is really getting into the detail of the business, understanding our individual site requirements and therefore able to deliver tangible savings with the data to support the savings claimed.

[Direct Testimonial]


Graham Wood, Group Supply Chain Director


I have worked with Scott since late 2011, we started on our journey when I was a GM for a large-scale printing business, my tenure was the turn the failing business around and Scott was recently hired to deliver the logistics and planning function. We successfully delivered an on-time project with excellent outcomes for the team and the business.

In my second engagement with him we worked together on a competitor business smaller scale and I asked Scott to join me after I had been hired as the Operations Director. We too finalised a smaller project but equally as successful.

Scott then invited me to meet with one of his clients to which they subsequently hired me to become the supply chain director, we worked and delivered a number of projects together finally a large business structure change was our most recent triumph. I would work happily with Scott and his team as they are consummate professionals and are always good value to work with when a job has to be done and when we need to put the pressure on the team to deliver the goal outlined. 

[Direct Testimonial]


Paul Townsend, Group Operations Director

Care in Bathing Limited

Scott worked with us on a logistics project. Scott very quickly understood our business and most importantly the needs of our customers. Scott guided, and led us where necessary through the complexities of tender submissions, review, selection and trial processes.

During his engagement with us Scott also provided advice in other areas of the business and I found his consultative approach very valuable. Scott is a consummate professional and I would not hesitate in recommending and working with him again.

[Posted on Linkedin]


Tony Taylor, CFO


Scott was engaged by Exertis (Computers Unlimited) to undertake an in depth review of our Logistics strategy and capabilities. He worked with us over a 6-month period.

Scott's previous experience and numerous success stories made it easy for us to bring him on board as a consultant. He was able to gain an in-depth understanding of our complex business in an incredibly short time, and in so doing was able to get into the "add-value" phase of his project very early on in his tenure.

Scott is without doubt a true Logistics expert and was able to advise on all aspects of our Distribution Centre setup, as well as freight in and outbound. He needed only the briefest of briefs and was then able to formulate his plan of attack that had the right balance of structure and drive. He was able to interact with all the stakeholders in the business at all levels in order to quickly make progress through his project plan.

He kept the Board briefed and well informed and make it easy for us to make decisions. We accepted his well researched recommendations and are now well placed to cope with the exciting growth phase we find ourselves in from a Logistics capacity perspective.

I'm sure we will work with Scott again in the future. His wealth of knowledge, speed of execution and straight talking approach have made it a great experience for us to work with him.

Crackingly nice chap too!

All the best Scott!

[Posted on Linkedin]


Matt Jauncey, Head of Procurement

St Ives

It is always a challenge when considering employing consultants, I have always taken the view that you need confidence in the following areas. That the project is ultimately achievable, that there will be an adequate and provable return on investment, that the expertise should be used to develop and up skill stakeholders that are engaged and finally that there is a positive legacy from the project.

Scott has excelled in all of these areas and given me the confidence that effective consultants can leave a positive impact on a process and an organisation. Scott has a mass of experience not only within Logistics but general business processes and uses that to his and the benefit of the project. Scott’s background in Sales helps to sell the process to internal and external suppliers, which is a skill that most procurement professionals find hard to articulate and master. 

The particular Logistics project Scott worked on was a high spend category and covered 5 divisions and over 20 locations within the UK.

The project was complex but all facets of the process from scoping out, benchmarking, due diligence, tender, tender review/award and implementation have all been consistent and we have not been sold anything that has not ultimately been achievable. We have been successful in achieving the objectives we set out included cost reduction (12-15%), supply chain reduction (115 suppliers to 3), identifying BPO opportunities and development of a future proof IT logistics platform. 


We have also engaged TCS to monitor the performance of the contracts and suppliers, which actually in such a large organisations serves to manage supplier performance, manage post tender expectations and most importantly cross-functional relationships. This area serves as an added value with service credits being received without additional resource and administration.

I would recommend Scott and TCS to any potential clients without hesitation.

[Posted on Linkedin]


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