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Future of Exporting in a Post Brexit world?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Given that the government has been rather slow to the negotiating table and that the only information they can provide to business is be prepared. It is little wonder that businesses across the UK are asking the same question of "be prepared for what exactly?"

It is not a great leap to consider that as we are heading towards the December 31st deadline that it is still unclear if a trade agreement has been made with the EU. Perhaps the UK is heading for a hard Brexit and will start 2021 with our trading partners under WTO.

The clear point is that we should have had more clarity from Government and irrespective of Covid-19 we should have had a deal in place by now. That is indeed if we are to believe that a deal has not already been completed. Perhaps this is a theatrical trailer for some big-budget political thriller that shows a great leader pulling victory from the jaws of defeat, when in fact it had already had the victory all sown up some months prior.

Post Brexit will be different, it will have at least one more layer of administration and I personally fail to be convinced that our European trading partners who sell us cars, electronics, healthcare, will be, anytime soon, either substituted by other products from far away or we will change our tastes overnight. More likely, to my previous point a deal has already been agreed. SS

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