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Introduction LEO's Environmental Credentials

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

We have shared on our twitter feed, our latest tool available, LEO. Otherwise known as Logistics Environmental Optimisation. This tool has been a long time in the making, it hailed from our first maintenance package, was updated in the SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) program and when the FBA (Freight Bill Auditing) process was added it became inevitable that LEO would be born. From humble beginnings this system is truly a market leader. It is something that almost any organisation can implement and almost without fail it will deliver value to any company.

Why then the tag for Environmentally Optimised? Should we not just call it 'Cost Savings'. The simple truth is that the days of making things cheaper are a long way behind us. Most projects we manage generate the majority (if not all) of the savings by delivering more effective sustainable consolidation or just changing a few behaviours.

LEO endeavours to go deeper than this, it challenges the very reasons the behaviour had created inefficiency. When customers ship because they can or when they move freight because "we've always done this" we can see the benefit that LEO can bring without question.

We know that reducing waste is a key building block to avoid the environmental crisis that we have found ourselves in. We are also aware that we're burning through our resources at a faster pace than any time in our history and we know that time is running out unless we change.

As an organisation TCS have a very small carbon footprint, we decided like most businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic that we would no longer use a central office when our teams are quite equipped to work remotely. We also decided that some of our company vehicles would be returned and either not replaced or replaced by more sustainable alternatives. We also considered our travel policy, historically this has been one of our weaknesses, we travel extensively (or at least we did prior to March 2020). In the future, we will, with a complete conscience consider all future travel before we make it and will challenge ourselves to consider if we need to make the journey at all.

LEO brings these principles together and for the first time in a TCS package it brings together all parts of our consultancy offering into one place. LEO provides an evolving sustainable possibility that allows us to avoid waste in our projects but also avoids time consuming activities for our customers. SS

TCS LEO Presentation Draft 2.9
Download PPTX • 309KB

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